Polish Nephrology and Dialysotherapy

Quarterly in circulation since 1997. The journal is addressed to medical staff dealing with kidney diseases and dialysotherapy. We publish original papers, review papers, clinical notes as well as discussion panel on nephrology and dialysotherapy. Prior to the publication all papers are reviewed by two independent reviewers, experts in the given subjects.

All articles are published together with title, key words and abstract translated into English.

Editor – in – Chief: Prof. dr hab. med. Władysław Sułowicz

EXPERIMENTAL NEPHROLOGY:Prof. dr hab. med. Stefan Angielski

CLINICAL NEPHROLOGY: Prof. dr hab. med. Franciszek Kokot

DIALYSOTHERAPY: Prof. dr hab. med. Bolesław Rutkowski

PEDIATRIC NEPHROLOGY: Dr hab. med. Ryszard Grenda

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